Pre Purchase Pest Inspections

Subterranean termites or “white-ants” are a destructive timber pest which can potentially cause major structural timber damage to any dwelling.

Some important factors that may increase the risk of termite attack at your property include watering systems, landscaping and gardening methods that promote termite activity and inappropriate building design that could allow undetected termite entry into a dwelling.

The role of a Pre Purchase Pest Inspector is a most important one. As you can see from the map above, the south east coast of Queensland has one of most high risk areas for termite attack in the country. A pest inspector’s role is to identify any current damage or activity at the property being inspected, provide advice on eradication of such activity, draw to the purchaser’s attention any potential risk factors/areas at the property and provide advice on protecting the property from future termite attack.

Purchasing a home is probably the most expensive outlay of your entire life and aside from the purchase price, has many extra costs such as building, pest and pool inspections. However, if you take the risk and don’t spend the money on these initial inspections, the cost of repairs from termite attack have the potential to outweigh these initial costs many times over.